Communications and Networking

Whether you already have multiple PC's and peripherals that need communication, or you're building a new home or office that needs to be pre-wired for all networking solutions, we can help.
With a home wired with CAT5 cable you can have any number of computers in any number of locations around the home, all talking and sharing with one another. In addition, one broadband internet connection will serve the entire network.

Let JNT wire your home and allow you to add and grow as you want. From a simple LAN (Local Area Network) to a fully wired file serving network, now you can have it all.


Share the Internet

One connection to your DSL or Cable provider is all you need to surf the net from any computer in the house.

Share files

Swap files and media from one part of the house to the next, or configure to restrict certain computers.

Share printers and other peripherals

Instead of separate printers and scanners for every computer, let each PC share devices in a central location.

Prewired Homes

We'll work with your homebuilders and wire all rooms with networking outlets so you're ready to connect wherever you need to as you settle in to your new home.