Theater, Media Room

Theater, Media Room

Theaters are designed to isolate you from the outside world and all that stress. Then, for a short while, every so often you can recover as you immerse yourself in a world that you choose

Our team of installers has been installing Home Theaters in the area for well over twenty years. From a basic Surround Sound System in the Den, to a full on Theater Room in the basement, we can match your desires with most budgets.

We would be happy to work with you, your architect, designer and builder to make your dream of your own Home Theater come true.

Some of us cannot find the time to spend in a home theater, and yet all of us enjoy sports and movies, and games along with our favorite TV shows. Let us make the system fit the room and the control of that system fit your life. We can make complicated electronics simple enough for any four year old and at the same time impress most engineers.

Whether it is a flat panel TV with a sound bar to enhance the experience or a complete 5 speaker surround sound system all controlled by a single remote....