Home Theater And Integration


JNT Systems proudly features the Control 4 home integration system to make yours the smartest home — or business — on the block. This system includes products to manage everything: climate control, home network, home security, intercom, multi-room audio, and smart lighting, using a universal remote or simple voice commands. It also offers a smart doorbell, smart outlets, security cameras, thermostats, centralized lighting panels, motion sensors, and more — that you control with a single smartphone app, keypads fitted to the walls, a traditional remote, or a portable touch screen. Impressively, Control 4 is compatible with more than 13,000 other products, so no matter what you already have or what you want to create, this system will likely work for you. Over the years, we’ve found Control 4 to be the best way to bring the highest quality, most cost-effective, state of the art automation into your home or business. Let us build your system and take out the worry at the same time.